Since 1965, the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee (GIPC) has convened representatives from all sectors of the community to address the most significant issues of concern and areas for opportunity related to the progress of the City of Indianapolis. These include the development of Eagle Creek Park, the creation of Unigov, the construction of Interstate 465, desegregation of local schools; and more recently, a Community Crime Prevention Grant program, consensus building for a new Wishard / Eskenazi Health Hospital and the Hoosier Legacy Awards.

Driven by business and civic leaders, GIPC represents the bipartisan alliance that is a continuing example of the public-private partnership in Indianapolis. Its diverse Board of Directors, which makes up GIPC’s membership, collaborates with local government and other organizations that have played a vital role in the city’s many successes. Each year, the organization partners with the Mayor of Indianapolis to present the Charles L. Whistler Award to community leaders who embody the spirit of the public-private partnership.

Through task forces such as those recently focused on Minority and Women Owned Business Development and Criminal Justice Facilities, GIPC continues to help the City of Indianapolis improve its operations and solve problems.  By maintaining a standing committee known as the Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network, GIPC provides a forum for better racial understanding in the community. With challenges and opportunities on the horizon — issues such as mass transit, abandoned housing, and the city’s cultural growth — GIPC will continue to be a vessel for progress in Indianapolis.